Don't just start trading, make sure your approach aligns with your mindset


It happens to many new (and seasoned) traders. You convince yourself that you need to participate in a particular trade only to find it doesn’t work. You start adding indicators and making it more complicated. You throw money at it, but still, it’s just not working.

Some instruments just aren’t great to trade and sometimes you need to find a trade that better resonates with your approach to the markets.

Today, I had a chance to speak with Pablo Lucena who is an experienced trader but has found some serious traction with my Apex Program. We cover a lot of information, but here are some of my favorite topics:

  • Building tools for the trade
  • How to trade stock options
  • Relative Value Trading Strategy
  • The most important information for managing options positions – Scalping Gamma
  • Changing your approach to trading


1:00     Serious, Active, Trading
3:30     The Rubber Band Example
5:00     The “ah ha” moment
5:55     “Nothing would work” – Trading NQ futures
7:00     An approach to writing code
8:25     The elimination of emotion, A systematic confirmation tool
10:00   A community feel
11:45   A message to retail traders
12:55   Don't Freak out, Build a better position
14:00   How to trade the Yield Curve
14:30   “Stops are detrimental for the type of trading that will make me successful”
16:00   The Fed, Rates and trading Bond Futures
18:20   Sometimes it’s safer to go further in
19:20   Power through education
21:30   Learn how to trade; Don’t hope for the best
24:30   How to build a portfolio bias
28:00   Build on a solid foundation
30:00   Fed Dominator – Historical Data
32:00   The Most Rewarding Part of Trading
33:15   Better returns in 24 days than all of 2017
34:00   ADT: You'll never look at trading the same again
35:20   It's okay to get rid of negative energy
37:20   Be happy when a trade goes against you
40:00   What a butterfly can tell you
44:35   Customize a trade, use identify your strengths
47:00   Trade your personality
48:20   The Market will sniff out a weak hand; believe in your trade
50:30   Scalping Gamma: Options 101
52:00   Position Management and the power of options: A Game Changer
56:00   Keep it simple!

Books Mentioned In this Episode:
Options As a Strategic Investment – Lawrence G. McMillan


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