Investing, trading and planning for your future can seem overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have the right plan in place and the right people to help you see it through, it will be a breeze.

People around me are continually surprised that as a professional trader, I have a financial advisor to help ensure that my long-term goals are attainable. I think it’s important I differentiate between trading and my investment goals.

Today, I sat down with Ross Meitin, my Financial Advisor and we cover topics like:

– Stock Broker, Money Manager and Financial Advisor – What’s the Difference?
– Who can benefit from Financial Planning
How to earn an Extra $500,000 before Retirement
– The importance of Removing Emotions and Sticking to a Plan
– The difference between Investing and At-Risk Capital

0:55     At Risk Capital and Investing
1:25     Money Manager? Stock Broker? Financial Advisor?
2:55     Your plan needs to be Specific and Tailored
4:25     Why I started Active Day Trader
5:35     Trading and Long-Term Investing are Different
7:10     Separate yourself from your Emotions
9:15     Who can benefit from working with a Financial Manager?
10:15   You Can't Borrow for Retirement
11:00   How to Retire with $1 Million Dollars
12:20   The key to Financial Security
15:00   The Biggest Mistakes
17:15   A behavior management coach
18:00   20 Year Returns: How to make 2% LESS than the market
19:40   You aren’t trading; HAVE A PLAN
21:45   Don't suffer when you lose
23:00   Investing. It's a special skill set
24:30   The importance of Vegetables?
26:00   The easiest way to make $500,000
28:10   Market Buzz and Crystal Balls with a Financial Manager
29:05   Double Dividend Yield
30:00   Is Crypto on the radar?

Contact Info for Ross Meitin:
Phone: 773.867.3620

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