For years, trading has been dominated by institutions. They have capital, floor traders and access to information that the average retail investor just can’t reach; or can’t afford.


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Today, the tables are turning. The retail trader can actually gain an edge.  For instance, a retail trader isn’t required to trade each day, they don’t have to close positions with market each evening and now, they have access to amazing news resources, indicators, studies, scans and back-testing engines using various tools on platforms like MetaStock.

Today, I get to chat with Jeff Gibby, the business development manager at Metastock about the core products they offer.

Jeff helps me answer questions like:

  1. What does MetaStock Offer?
  2. How can I get a statistical forecast of what “might happen?”
  3. Buying and selling stock options and equities; what indicators work?
  4. How can I build a custom indicator without knowing a single line of code?
  5. What can I do to protect myself from making big mistakes while learning to trade?


  • 01:35 150 Years and counting
  • 02:30 What is Meta Stock?
  • 03:40 The Origins of an award winning service
  • 04:05 A Billion Dollar News Machine for Retail Traders
  • 06:35 #1 in Stock and Commodities Magazine for 25 years running
  • 07:15 How can you benefit from Statistical Projections and Forecasting
  • 07:30 Okay, MetaStock does a lot, but WHO is it for?
  • 08:30 Do you backtest your approach, studies and strategy on each ticker?
  • 09:45 A giant tool box; what’s the best indicator?
  • 11:50 Write YOUR OWN indicator, scan, or study (even if you don’t write code)
  • 15:25 A FREE 30 Day Trial!
  • 17:00 Live support; an entire team at your disposal 800-882-3040
  • 18:31 MetaStock D/C Service – Daily Charts $59
  • 19:05 MetaStock R/T Service – Real Time $99
  • 20:50 Everything you’ve ever needed to know about Exchange Fees (Real-time)
  • 22:15 The (Secret) Future of Charting
  • 24:00 The Patent Pending, Event Driven Forecasting Tool
  • 26:15 A confirmation tool: the statistical likelihood of an outcome
  • 28:15 Trading DOW Options? You need a green light.
  • 31:30 Stories, Trends and Trading – We talk about the best approach for you
  • 33:15 Event-based trading, volatility and Out-of-the-Money Options
  • 34:30 Should you be an option buyer? Or an option Seller?
  • 35:10 How to protect yourself from blowing out your trading account
  • 37:30 Discipline: “You don’t have to trade.”
  • 38:10 Make Trading Insignificant?
  • 39:00 Don’t Lose Money!


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