Trading stocks, futures and options in 2017 is much different than it was 20 years ago. With technology and lightning-fast access to brokers, almost anyone can trade from the comfort of their own home.

This only leaves one problem: You’re among a sea of traders, but you’re still all alone.

Today, I speak with Warren Lorenz of TechMeetsTrader, who has created a social network for self-directed investors.

We cover some interesting topics including:

  1. Where to find great option trading strategies
  2. How experienced traders look for trade entries; without indicators
  3. How to identify the best stock options (the ones that give us our edge)
  4. The benefits of a positive learning environment
  5. Why, sometimes, even the best option trades lose and why that’s OKAY


  • 1:35    Meet Warren Lorenz of TechMeetsTrader
  • 8:20    The process of getting raising fund for a unique social network
  • 11:00  Tech Meets Trader – The Mission
  • 13:30  A positive learning environment – controlling the community
  • 15:00  What is the most important thing we can learn from losing trades?
  • 17:30  Can you fish? How to trade for a lifetime
  • 19:30  The Casino mindset; Tilt the odds in your favor
  • 20:30  Money management secrets of the Professionals
  • 21:30  $XRF – The anatomy of a IPO Lock Up
  • 24:40  “It makes sense… and that’s giving us an edge.”
  • 25:30  BOOM!  The Edge Pays Off..
  • 26:15  $AKS, $X Sometimes trades don’t work. Why did you enter?
  • 28:48  Trade with conviction, learn from your mistakes
  • 29:50  Protect yourself; limit your losses and manage your position
  • 31:35  Where the founder of TechMeetsTrader turns for tips of the trade
  • 36:10  He who trades the least and the silliness of F.O.M.O
  • 38:00  Trading vs. Investing. What’s your plan?
  • 39:40  Blockchain Technology meets the trading community?
  • 42:15  A trader’s value in a social network community
  • 44:10  Building credibility
  • 45:45  Taking chances again, and again, and again…


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