When you think about trading stocks, options, equities and futures what public figures come to mind?

Do you think about the guy you alway see on CNBC as you are watching TV? You know, Jim Cramer on Mad Money? That’s perfect, because I was fortunate to get the chance to speak with him and hear his thoughts on retail trading.

If you’ve ever seen his show, you know Jim Cramer is passionate about trading, but you might not know that he is even more passionate about trading education.

In this episode, Jim and I speak about:
– The value in losing a trade
The importance of paper trading
– How to turn a trade into an investment, and why you shouldn’t
– What are you good at? What should YOU focus on?
– How to protect yourself from getting schooled by the market or a “Trade Guru”

1:05 Your number ONE priority
1:24 A closet full of losers
2:00 Reasons to get better
2:58 “Intellectual lightweight non-rigorous thinking”
3:30 Protecting retail traders
4:33 Fake News
5:55 Do you have an edge in this business
6:55 A story about coffee
8:00 Get it over it!
8:50 “I like the way this stock is acting”
9:30 Supply and demand. A common sense trade?
10:50 Fantastic little trades
13:00 A real world example
16:00 Jim Cramer’s dog: NVIDIA
18:50 Trading education: Everyone is an expert
20:50 Real results or snake oil? It’s ON YOU

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