Have you ever wondered what it would take to become successful at managing your own account? Have you begun trading, but not been able to build a solid plan that generates consistent results?

I know Wall Street can be intimidating place, but I’m here to help! Together, we can modify or enhance your current strategy so you can start generating income.

In this podcast I speak with an experienced trader, Todd Gill, who has generated phenomenal returns since integrating some new management techniques years after he placed his first trade.

Todd shares some of his favorite books, his approach to trading education, how he’s been able to free up more personal time and help those closest to him thanks to his success in trading.

Let’s Start Trading!

(1:00)    Options, Bonds and Swing trading
(4:30)    Risk Management; What you are doing
(5:15)    What you can gain from trading
(6:30)    The market doesn’t care about you
(8:10)    A new approach
(9:15)    Books are better than webinars
(11:50) Confidence: Do you believe
(15:00) Do you compound your wins
(17:45) Build a position, get out of its way
(21:45) 10 years to get comfortable
(27:30) (Managing) Expectations
(30:00) What is your approach? Are you curious?
(32:20) Home improvement projects and home runs
(40:00) 160%,180% & 200% Account Growth

Links mentioned in this episode:
The Business of Options
Options as a Strategic Investment
The Traders Journey
The Right way to Trade Bonds

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