Actively trading the markets and managing a portfolio is fun, exciting and can be very lucrative. Unfortunately, if you don’t approach with caution and have a solid plan, the market will humble you; quick.

The question is:  what’s the difference between traders who routinely take consistent profits out of the market, and those that struggle to ever gain traction?

This podcast episode will tell you. And to help, I’ve got my friend Donny Schwartz joining me on Podcast 001.

We were lucky enough to speak with Donny Schwartz, a career trader, to get some amazing tips, tricks and tidbits on the topic he sees as the most important to learn for any trader.

Donny shares some of the most common problems he’s personally seen in traders and provides you with his 
Top 5 ways to protect and grow your trading account.

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Today Donny is helping me answer questions like:

  • Why it’s so important to hold yourself accountable with paper trading?
  • When is the ‘right’ time to trade real money?
  • What does it really mean to be consistent?
  • What’s the difference between horizontal and vertical growth?
  • Are you setting yourself up for failure?

Let's Start Trading!

(1:11)   What I’ve noticed with my coaching clients.
(3:08)    The Biggest Take Away.
(4:03)    Thoughts on Paper Trading.
(5:35)    How long does it take a professional to get comfortable in a new market?
(9:37)    Frequent Stop Outs?
(11:45) Trade Size/Stop Width.
(12:10) Not in front of the monitor all day?
(13:30) Relative Value Trading.
(15:30) The market will do what it wants.
(16:18) Hold yourself accountable.
(17:00) What can you control.
(17:40) Consistency
(20:21) An Important Ratio Losing:Winning
(21:15) I’m not Consistent, what should I do?
(22:30) Focus
(24:05) Growth. Vertical? Horizontal?
(26:00) What should I trade?
(27:02) Summary
(31:19) Free Stuff?!?

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